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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

It's interesting that you mention about the use of rangefinder lenses and these tending to have limitations for the Sony A7/R. The latest wonderful article by Michael Reichman on Luminous Landscape is about "The World's Best Sensor Meets the World's Finest Lenses" and that translates into Leica M lenses used on the Sony A7R. He did find some CA and purple fringing in high contrast areas, but so what, ~ "beauty is never perfect".

I wonder what your take is on the use of the very best rangefinder lenses with the Sony A7?

Asher what Bart is referring to are the symmetrical lenses which are typically designed for rangefinders such as the Biogons. One is better off using asymmetric designs instead, such as the Distagons. This article might be useful to read. Michael Reichman's article mentions also the problems of vignetting and lens color casts caused by those Leica M lenses. They now have a LCC correction plug-in for LR in order to deal with those negative effects.
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