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I have posted many pictures from today here.

Now that I have been shooting with the camera for some days, I am very impressed by the usability of it various shooting situations. But it is not a speed monster. One could use it for sports but then one has to pre-focus and forget about focus tracking of fast moving objects. Focus peaking is useful in many situations but provides false info in some others. Some oof areas which have contrasty edges look like they are in focus and some areas with lower contrast which are in focus look like they aren't. So I have switched focus peaking off for now. I am using the DMF zoom feature now, which zooms in to the focus point when one turns the focus ring on the lens. I have assigned the AF/MF toggle function to one of the buttons so it is relatively easy to switch the focusing method.

Another area where one has to pay attention is to hold the camera steadily. Because it is small and light, one can develop a casual shooting style (such as holding the camera with one hand and pressing the shutter). That style works actually better with large DSLR cameras due to their inertia against movement but with this camera it very quickly results in shaken images.
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