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Mike, I came home from US recently and there I met one of my friends' son who owned a couple of bodies, adapters and a large amount of lenses from many brands.

He has an adaptor Panasonic - Leica and he took a picture of me in Donner Lake in a bright and sunny day as usual in CA. I love that picture because it has a superb detail and gorgeous I don't know what that attracts me. OK it is a portrait in bright daylight but ... well I do like it.
It is not the sharpness that attracts me but rather the tones, the subtlety ... oh I can't explain !
Will I have the courage to buy a Leica lens, at least ?

I am telling you this just because I noticed how all the tones are in your image.
The pillow at the far end is not burned and the detail in the shadow areas of the lady's face is clearly visible.
What a picture ! The composition is also pretty good.
All the best to you !
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