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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

Still, the photograph here shows that you have a perfect tool for immediacy in B&W photography. That's a creative advantage as the thoughts can carry through from revisualization to the final print.


Yes, the key advantage, for me, in the Monochrom is the fact of working in mono from start to finish of the process. It gives a different impetus ccompared to shooting in colour and then having infinite choices in processing. I find the constraint is freeing.

I think in part this reflects my history with black and white film (there remains stock around the house), but also a philosophical bent that doesn't perceive infinite choice as inherently positive. Similarly, I use the 50mm lens more than any other and only occasionally change.

In terms of working practice, I only review images on the lcd occasionally (auto review is off), and then only to check exposure. Editing is for later. I recently have used a Panasonic GX7 for a holiday due to a battery issue with the Leica and it was a very strange experience for me. 3 lenses (14, 20 and 45) and set the evf to mono. I was very disoriented when Lightroom displayed the raw files in colour. Interestingly, on the GX7 (like an slr) I gravitate towards 85 to 90mm (35mm full frame equivalent) focal lengths. I do like the ability to switch aspect ratios though. More to show later perhaps.

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