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Originally Posted by Mike Shimwell View Post
Here is an image from the GX7, made with the evf in mono mode and subsequently converted from raw to mono in lightroom. The wide aspect ration is actually cropped wider from the widest (16:9) setting on the GX7.

Good, we have someone with a GX7! It seems very capable from reports. I wonder how large one can print?

The picture is quite beautiful and peaceful with the line of trees towards the horizon and the long horizontal wisps of clouds. I really like this composition. Just a smaller fussy point - I'd have liked the dark cloud on the right to have been completed. How do you feel about altering what you captured and took home? Would you ever consider either adding to the right a tad so as to complete the cloud or erase the right edge for the same effect?

In this instance, Mike, did you have to explore B&W conversions in Lightroom or did you go straight for the effect seen on the LCD screen when you took the picture?

Does the extra leeway in expression help you or is it a diversion?

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