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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post

But excuse me Asher but I insist: there is a difference between the photographs taken with any lens and Leica's.
A couple of month ago a friend of mines came here and I photographed with his not so good" lenses from Canon.
Here, in from of the computer I could see how the difference was enormous.

I can't explain but there is a difference between images made with Leica lens and Canon's or any other.

I have no doubt that great images can be achieved with less expensive equipment.

Although I myself like assigning colors to B&W densities, I am moving in general to trying to get what I want with just the click of the shutter. in my studio, I have now reached the point where I can do that with color and I realize how much time I'm saving myself to be creative.

So from the standpoint of efficiency in use of work and creative leisure time, the capturing the picture in monochrome is a valuable option. Still, this decision is just one of many in the choices for making B&W pictures. A more important choice might be the "character" of the lens.

Each of the lens types impart a "filtration" of what the camera captures when one releases that shutter. It could be argued that this character might be much more important in making the B&W pictures than the choice between monochrome, (worked out be the camera itself) or the greater freedom for post-processing assignment of hues using a full gamut color workflow.

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