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Let's celebrate the full length portrait!

I had an unexpected call for a portrait today for a musician trio's publicity pictures.

Lighting: Unfortunately, I had only one Lumedyne 50-200 W/S/ light working. I used 50 W/S setting with one light in a 7" reflector shining into an 8ft vertical V of white styrofoam (two panels of 8ftx2 ft hinged to form a V) and the reflected light comes baqck through a large white umbrella. The umbrella is above and 45 degrees to subjects and to one side and the other side is another vertical V of white styrofoam card to reflect light back from the other side of the subjects who stand in from to white seamless.

Asher Kelman: Portrait for Trio competition 5D Mark 1, Lumedyne 50 Watt Secs, f5.6, ISO 400 No Retouch

This is part of a set of images I'll prepare. I thought I'd share the image as processed from Phase One's Capture One software. The main work to be done is whitening background, no big deal.

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