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[QUOTE=Dawid Loubser;159680

....On a more daring note - if your end result is an 8x10 print on photographic paper - how am I to be convinced that 8x10 is worth it (over 4x5?). Anybody who tells me that they can see a visual difference (resolution, tone) between a contact print, and a 2x enlargement (or, say, a 4x enlargement) are, at best, seeing technique differences in the printing process in my opinion.

What have you found to be the real advantages?....[/QUOTE]

The 8x10 photograph made by contact exposure with an 8x10 negative beats an 8x10 made by projection from a 8x10 negative. The difference comes from the fact that the contact method is absolutely flare free. Flare manifests itself by making fine black detail larger than it is (power lines against a sky look thicker) and fine white lines look thinner. And 8x10 beats 4x5. But actually all the combinations of 4x5 and 8x10 projection and contact work look wonderful unless you are in the unusual position of being able to place examples side by side. To make such test samples would appeal only to a somewhat obsessive individual. I know of at least one.
"Photography or the application of the chemical rays of light to the purpose of pictorial representation...". Photography, the word, coined and first uttered by Sir John Herschel at the Royal Society, Somerset House, London; 14 March, 1839.
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