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Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post

Even with better cameras available, the high-ISO performance of the X10 remains impressive.

The sculpture, can be seen at the inner court of the headquarters of this company.
It was created by Christopher Klein, a German sculptor living in Berlin.
The manufacturing was done by this company situated close to Munich. The explanation is in German but the pictures give a good impression of the production process (just click on the thumbnails on the left side from top to bottom).

Yes, this camera, especially in silent mode is a great tool and so valuable for travel photography. I'm so appreciative you have taken pains to describe your user experience and overwhelmed by the new avenue for experience in sharing information on this sculpture.

I appreciate so much learning more about the work and identifying the artist, Christopher Klein. I was very surprised that this company managed to achieve such brilliance in executing that artist's vision. After all, their own design are so dull, limited and mundane, especially their canopies. I guess they have the precision and skills needed for such work. I wonder whether they had done similar work with highly polished steel sheeting, shaped specifically to a design. I would love to know the process by which he chose this solid but seemingly "square" 1950's company.

This particular sculpture represents a whole new esthetic by this artist. Previous work was made up of rod like forms and some sculpted variations or arched forms. Nowhere would I have imagined to see such a beautiful piece as this one you have shown us! It's like he changed. I think the explanation is that having both the money and the fabricator allowed him the freedom to create as never before.

Interesting that their website doesn't even mention his name in the text going along all the pictures of the so impressive curvaceous mirror finish globular sculpture!!

"The sculpture

The art object represents a gas molecule,
Linde AG has designed for an artist.
Linde AG has moved to Munich in 2008
to its new headquarters in Angerhof, the
Carl von Linde House"

Have you figured out who paid for this. I'd imagine it cost some $500,000 to finish the work!

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