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Let me add some from some discussions with Leica reps on the philosophy behind this new camera. It's targeted to the generation of younger photographers who want the best quality in lenses and would appreciate the minimalist design that innovators such as Apple have brought to the market place with the iphone, tablets and ipads. In fact, they see the user to be not necessarily a rich dentist or lawyer or collector in Japan, but rather the kind of person who appreciates the bold simplicity and self-consistent integration expected of Apple computers. We pay more for a Macbook Pro, but do so for all the reasons that have in common fluid integration of the tools of the phone, music, movies, documents and now the camera.

It's meant to be used with Adobe Lightroom for processing the RAW files. The M-adapter will record the Leica-M lens identity and Adobe Lightroom will them make all the needed corrections. So, although the corrections don't seem to be made in the camera itself for the jpgs from the Leica-M lenses, processing in Lightroom delivers image perfection as one would expect from any Leica camera.

Consider this like the top level Macbook air. It costs more, but the design elegance, light weight and upper class quality make it worth the extra investment.

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