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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
Provided we watch TV, which may not be the case for everyone.

But even if an EVF is fine on a TV camera, it may not be just as useful on a still camera. In my experience, the requirements of the two systems are completely different.
Exactly, Jerome!

The still photographer wants to dissect movement and pick that special almost secret moment that defines something otherwise elusive to the casual observer. Rob illustrated that perfectly in his recent sequential shots in a street in Nicaragua. See post # 108 here

The optical viewfinder's continuous window on the scene is essential to being able to pick follow up moments that are simply lost in the EVF of a Sony A7 or other mirror less EVF. The use of an add-on optical eyeviewer is a great solution.

LCD "Blackout", however, really limits photography of living things for me! The reduction of blackout is something really being addressed by camera MFRS. With the latest firmware, the viewfinder for the Fujifilm's XE-2 has a blackout-lag of only 0.005 seconds. The extra difficulty with the use of the large back LCD is that one loses stability inherent in anchoring the camera to one's face to frame the shot with an optical or electronic eyeviewer. Perhaps some strap could provide adequate stability for use of the back display.

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