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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
A lot of workers!

You're right!

From left to right:

Bernard Stumpf : owner and skipper of the 50’ feet catamaran chase boat
Philippine : My Princess She works as model for many years now, but only for Romain and I Lovely, cute and very professional!
Romain : the videographer!
Julia Marié : Our model for this shoot
Sébastien Peyrefitte : Our model for this shoot (we’ve already shot a lot of boats with him, damned good guy!)
Olivier d’Enquin : Skipper of the Lagoon for this shoot (we’ve already shot a lot of boats with him, damned good guy!)
Louis : the brother of Philippine, same comments as for his sister
Loic Lagrange : Philippine’s and Louis’ father, crew of the Lagoon
Alexandre d’Auberville : Marketing Manager of Lagoon (and CNB). THE boss!
Christophe De Kerdrel : crew of the Lagoon
Cusina Stumpf : Our cook! Feeding 11 starving guys and gals, is not so easy, not to mention that timing is NEVER respected…

The main difficulty for the crew onboard the Lagoon is that we must not see them on the images!
So they have to trim the boat and then get hidden inside… And let the models acting as if thy were handling the boat.
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.
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