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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
A few weeks ago, in the Balearic Islands, as the shooting was over for the day, we were sailing back to the port while these two precious models, who never met before, had a cool moment exchanging I've no idea what…
I felt moved by this early and young complicity.

As my Pentax(es) were safely packed, I shot with the only camera I had ready, my iPhone.
The soft light and the slight blur help to confirm the relaxed spontaneity of the moment. It has genuineness and heart in its fabric.

I am pretty sure that Bart van der Wolfe could sharpen the picture substantially by deconvolution. I could to if I understood the process, LOL!

These are wonderful human beings and it is a pleasure to work with genuine folk who have no arrogance! These two could be from the same family!

What's important here is the sanctity of the human nature of openness, trust and bonding that is the glue of civilization. These folk may not achieve fame and fortune, but the elements your picture captures for posterity, form the "spine of hope" for the existential success of our species!

Amazing what a skilled artisan can do with a dumb tool!

This modest image, (grabbed as instinctively as Bresson when he pointed his Leica towards that figure sailing over that puddle), will rank in my eyes above anything Bresson achieved in his lifetime, as you have captured what is below the surface of humanity thatcwill assure our future!

Bresson shows us more of what man does. You have captured more of what the best of man "is"! Jean-Paul, has no doubt, already been informed of this by the arc angels and no doubt both your subjects have been marked for heaven too!

You? They won't let you up there as you have not sinned enough!. The boss's son doesn't want to give up plush "golden Cadillac cloud", just yet to a mere French atheist who has neither robbed, raped or destroyed or even carried a cross!

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