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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
You wrote : but i imagine you meant
I don't get it…
Photography wise (and many many other wise(s) what is the difference between male and female hands?
Good point, Nicolas!

In general, males are built sturdier than females. In general the hands of women tend to be slender while men are more likely to have broader hands and thicker fingers.

My prejudice is that camera designers are mostly trying to make camera to fit the bulkier hands of men. That in itself is a challenge as there is a variety in length of fingers and where the joint are!

So whether or not males and females will happen to have hands that fit this novel bulky Zeiss “art form” design is an open question. If the camera is very efficient to use in menu and button setup, we accept we just have to “learn to live with” the designer shape.

By contrast, with the variety of lightweight to sturdier Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax and other cameras, folk have gradually been trained to certain shapes they manage to adapt to.

If a new camera arrives with a novel shape, such as the Sigma Merrill or this new Sony 500GB “pregnant mobile phone” form, then it is an “unknown” how folk will get their “memory-laden” hands around the new Zeiss offering.

“Hand-fit” will be very different for everyone, male and female, and that could be an improvement or something that turns folk away!

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