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Robertson Racing's beautiful sounding Ford GT.

This must be expensive. How is it financed for a team that does not win? Do they get a basic salary for entering and entertaining the paying crowd?

Originally Posted by Steve Robinson View Post
I went to the practice session for the American Le Mans Series event in Tooele, UT. My brother and I have been following sports car racing for 40+ years and this was our first live event in a long time. I took the Canon 1D Mk II N and a rented EF 400mm f/5.6L. It was great fun to be among the cars and drivers in the paddock and to watch them during the practice runs.
So, you've been doing this for 40+ years! Well you must have made some buddies and have a lot of good stories to tell. Where are the pictures of the two of you over the years and the denizens you have come to know. I'm sure you must meet with a bunch of guys each time!

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