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Pondering the light

(Nikkor-H.C 50mm at f/2.0)

Side note: The background in this image is over-exposed by at least six stops! (f/2.0, 1/30s, ISO 100 - as opposed to the f/22 or 1/2000s that would be needed). Film is wonderful...

Tuk-tuk driver

(Sonnar-type Nikkor-P 105mm at f/2.5)

Guarding the poshness

(Nikkor-H.C 50mm at f/5.6)

Three images with the wonderful Nikon F, shot on Fomapan 100. I'm sitting in a very dark room as I scanned these prints, I have a suspicion that they are not bright enough - oh well :-) The prints look as I wanted them, in anyway.

It's funny - over on the rangefinder forum, somebody asked the question - if you could use only one camera, one lens, one film - what would it be? More people nominated the Nikon F than any other single camera. I am bit surprised - for 35mm, I would be torn between this any my Leica M3 + 50mm Heliar, but it's a close call nevertheless. The Nikon F represents an era in mechanical design that will never return.
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