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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
My Motorola would hardly even count for a phone in the various scenarios above.

I make maybe 3-5 calls a month with my cell phone. If there are rollover minutes then it would be some thousands of hours I called speak. I detest texting. I abhor parents dragging a kid on a "walk" while conversing with someone else. Worse when they do that crossing the road!

I find it amazing that folk discuss their private lives in public in a loud voice while waiting for a creamed cup cake, (another unexplained stupidity of fashion). "How dare she come to my house on Christmas eve. With my extended family and kids all staring at her she appears at the door, manic, right in the middle of dinner and screams "You're in and out in 15 minutes, you give me zero attention! What do you think I am, some cheap whore? I'm a person, for gawdsake, a nice girl with feelings"

"Don't I pay for her apartment and credit card? What a bitch!"

No, all the cell phones are a damnation! I want to hear none of this. I want no texting during a concert. Hmm, I wonder if couples text in bed? In movies they used to smoke, LOL, now that's not P.C.
All well said.

In fact, there was a restaurant in East Dallas (now defunct) that Carla would not visit because of an experience during our first visit in which a diner at a nearby table was engaged in a loud and protracted conversation along the general lines of the the one you postulated above. This was of course not the proprietor's fault (maybe), but it was a property of the venue.

Often in a supermarket a person will come my way invoked in a phone conversation, clearly obvious to her trajectory. Sometimes I will just freeze in my tracks and let her walk into me.

Best regards,

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