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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Well, this is a dynamic shot. Was there a hill or is this a sloped shot? The RB67 is no lightweight for handheld! You need a lightweight folding camera, LOL! Have you seen this one here?

Hi Asher - I love hand-holding my RB67 + waist-level viewfinder, slung around my neck with it's big, comfortable leather strap. It's a very stable and comfortable setup, in my opinion. I've used it successfully down to about 1/8s exposure time with quite good results.

For the image, I was indeed on a sloping dune next to the sea, but I also tilted the camera to end up with this composition (at a whim). I must agree with the appeal of a folding MF cameras (the new Voigtländers look great) but I am a Mamiya man, I'd rather do a Mamiya 7II. The only reason I have not sold some of my other gear to fund a MF rangefinder, is that I really think I will be limited in style by the inaccurate framing, and 1 meter close-focus limit. When I shoot MF, I am immediately in a "waist-level viewfinder, amazing close-focus-ability" mindset (as made possible by the RB67).
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