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Originally Posted by Dawid Loubser View Post
Hi Fahim,

I shoot 35mm, MF and LF film as and when appropriate (and often when not appropriate!). Each format certainly has its merits. If a medium-format RB67 wasn't so darn bulky, though, i'd chuck the others and just shoot it :-) The LF camera is, on the other hand, a total submission to ridiculous size/weight, and being tripod-bound - may as well go all the way, for the images it makes possible.

In the darkroom, I often still chuckle to myself when I see the huge negatives - it's another world.

I very rarely tilt horizons, and when I do so, I like to think it's always purposeful. My only other example I have is from 2007 (sorry, in colour, hijacking a B&W thread!):

Divisions of faith

(APS-H digital, Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L)

(This was an experiment to try and create harmony when doing everything "wrong": out-of-focus foreground (f/2.8, 200mm), tilted horizon, shot straight into the sun, etc.)

I'm fine with this, Dawid! This shows rules can be broken but how do we deal with the result. Yes, it's interesting and more so than a pretty sunset. We'd need more of this ilk to see how it works out. As a one off, one has a harder time of placing it in some evaluative scale, but if were a true scholar and genius, I could do better.

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