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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
Absolutely fabulous, Asher ! Very, very good, Asher ! Appealing !

The helicoid is perhaps - or in fact - a metaphor for all the non-ending wars, the so called Human Race have been doing over the past and will make in the future !

That helicoid is a hell of a structure to hold and secure !

What is that box up there ? It looks like - but it is not - an AC machine.

And what about the other "items" on the helicoid ? I don't like that !

Why end the helicoid with that rectangular shape with "holes" ?

You are going to win - again !
Hi, Antonio,

To me it's exciting to have a talented architect weigh in on my project. The 3 strange areas are abandoned battlefields. The "junk" on them are placeholders for genuine artifacts from the beaches or Normandy or other battles.

The perforations are a motif that allows the battle area to be seen from below as well as the sides. As for structural integrity and support, there are of course tricks. The lower parts will be much thicker and then thinner as we ascend. In addition there will be horizontal tubular struts to the light beacons, which have steel columns inside!

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