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Jerome and Antonio,

As a project like this evolves, dimensions and even materials get changed. So later in this iterative design process, we will have hopefully a plan which delivers the desired pure shape in a form that can be reliably fabricated and within acceptable time constraints and budget.

It's not only the plausibility of building the structure that's critical, but in addition, transporting segments from one fabrication facility to another without damage and without going over limits for city streets. Further there must be ways of assembling the work on site with equipment we can afford to rent. Even then, we need ability to repair incidental damage and maintain the work according to some reliable set of procedures. A simple question, for example, how does one program the lights and from where are they controlled and can a failed light be switched out?

At present, my idea is to have the light beacons each have a central steel column and the outer frosted acrylic shell to diffuse LED lights. The lights will be attached to cables, raised or lowered by pulleys.

Unpolished steel cables from from the central columns will support the helix at intervals.

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