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Hi, Asher,

I am of course disappointed that your submission did not win the competition.
Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

Is believing in oneself, so necessary for withstanding repeated disappointment, a sign of delusion or just a necessary set of steps to climb, to eventually have one's high-flying ride on the zip line above the forrest?
Not a sign of delusion at all. Most importantly, the real accomplishment in writing an article - whether anyone reads it or not - or in designing a sculpture - whether or not it is selected in a completion - is the work itself (assuming it is done in a thoughtful and capable way).

We must always believe in ourselves, believe that we are doing a certain thing in a good way, not to reject the need to always keep our eyes open to the possibility that there might be (or have been) a better way.

It is always the journey that is worthwhile. What about the result? Yes, if the journey is righteous, the result will be good. But that is the inevitable result of a good journey.

"I planned, I learned, I studied, I considered, I reflected, I experimented, I got the proper materials, I got the proper tools and set them up properly, and practiced with their use. And guess what - the damned thing built itself."

This is the way of the Renaissance.

Best regards,

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