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Hi, Jerome,

Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
I have not studied the market for monitors lately, but I don't think you will have very good color rendition without considerable effort on a windows PC. This site may explain a bit more.

OTOH, if your monitor is old, almost any new monitor is going to be better. I think that all recent panels support sRGB, which was not the case a few years ago. Considering that your other requirements are modest, I would simply buy the cheapest monitor that fits the bill.

I would buy it cheap, but I would buy it from a vendor which accepts returns without hassle. Insuring that a recent monitor recognises the signals from an older system is not necessarily a given, even if it should. DVI/HDMI (which are electrically compatible, HDMI only adding a sound channel and optional encryption) are not a single standard but rather a collection of recommendations. It usually works, but not always.
All well said.

I have actually just an hour or so ago ordered from B&H Foto & Electronics an Asus PA248Q "24 inch" display unit, with 16:10 aspect ratio (4:3 isn't even available any more, but I'm glad not to be forced into 16:9!) and native resolution of 1920 1200 px, USD 299.00 delivered taking into account an available rebate.

We'll see how that does.

Thanks for your observations.

Best regards,

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