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Default Playing with light! Adding detail and splashes of light!

Originally Posted by Benjamin Kanarek View Post
I love playing with light, especially when I can compose with it, rather than nature imposing it on to my environment. Not that I do not love natural light and all that can be accomplished with it, but I believe my forte is creating light from scratch and designing my work with brush strokes, splats, washes and fine details.

I also love to mix and match different frequencies (color temperatures), durations and light sources.
I like this idea. Right now I'm making a large series of portraits of musicians and dancers. So far mostly classical musicians posed and also playing real music from their repertoire. That way I can get some essence of who they are. My lighting consists of main and a key light, just canon flashes, triggered from the camera and I have made a white reflective womb so that the light on their faces and entire body is entirely pleasing. I keep the fluorescent lights on above for the hair and have in addition window light from the side of the high main light. Right now, I've become interested in adding nuance to this wonderful basic light field. Your exercises to follow are therefore timely!

Originally Posted by Benjamin Kanarek View Post
So to end this Part 1 of this theme, I suggest you start to look at light of all sources and see how those sources are intermingling with the environment. In the meanwhile, I suggest you prepare a couple of lamps with 60 watt light bulbs, a single flash unit, a few cardboard squares of about 35cm, some white paper, black paper and some aluminum foil. You may however imagine anything you wish, until the next episode.
This is exciting. Thanks so much!

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