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I is good to get questions on the images and the camera. I am at the moment in Copenhagen and have limited free time to get on line, also I have not really examined some aspects of the cameras files on a proper computer. I ordered the body and lens at the beginning of this trip and have been working on the learn curve since it is a different beast than my Canon 5DMk2 or my X10. Let me try to answer some of the questions.
"Did you use some kind of "miniature" post processing on that image?" --- This is a filter in the FIRMWARE 3. I was familiar with this on my X10 and I became an instan fan of it --I am not really fan of filters in general--. For some reason it is a lot of fun to use it on a lot of subjects. I think that my enthusiasm will probably pass, but for now this was a good example of this effect.
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