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I am a long time fan of Fujifilm, I shot a personal project with a Fujinon 135 on Velvia 4x5 transparency e6 film -ASA50- and later had a show on Fujifilm Pro Salon in Ginza, Tokyo. I also have been using the X10 for some time. They seam to be in synchronicity with the way I think as a photographer, on the other side Sony is a bit annoying at time, but it is probably just my own prejudice or something. There is one thing that sold me with the X system and it is the lens road map. A lot of primes, well made and exactly what a photographer would want. My personal wish list is the 85mm equivalent and the 70-200 2.8 equivalent but also the 15-35mm super wide zoom is good to know that exist in the mount.

After getting the camera I was surprised by how light weight it is. Some people complain about this and I understand that it is nice to pick up a camera and feel that it is a small heavy weight, but for street photography and similar duty, this XE2 body with the 18 f2 is perfect in terms of how it hangs from your neck it balances in the hand.

Controls are well placed for one hand quick action. On the not so good side: the battery goes from fully charged to red too fast for my taste, so I would recoment to not leave home with out a sencond fully charged spear.

Image Quality seams very good at first sight and so far I not shooting raw files and not really examining files systematically.

I have been shooting a lot with lens wide open a F2 and seams to perform pretty well for an almost pancake lens, but I would have to really check more carefully even if I think I would have already noticed ... so, keep asking questions and I will try to answer them ..
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