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Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post
I assume that everyone is familiar with the use of 'John Doe' in the legal system and the medical system (unknown patient or victim) of the USA.......

What would be your interpretations?

Best regards,

Presenting: John Doe

And if you
..... Don't know

Now John.... Doe[then figure of boy writing]

Of course, Michael, I know about corpses with a "John Joe" label tied with some white string to the big toe of a newly discovered corpse, washed up at the banks of a river bend, LOL!

It's the parsing of the poetic text, I can't fathom.

It even has extra separating space between "John" and "Doe".

"If you don't know John Doe, now here I am!"

"If you don't know [the concept of] "now", [then here's an example of using that term the moment I stuck on the wall the last graphic]! [and revealed] "John Doe".

That is a start of my translational difficulties!

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