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Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post
For those interested who are in Munich or plan to travel there until mid/end of October, works from Blek le Rat (like the above one) and other artists can be seen as a part of the Magic City exhibition. The exhibition will move to Stockholm on 1st of November.

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Thanks, Michael,

I owe Munich a visit but am not ready to travel again just yet! I will try to follow the press reports and see if there is a booklet produced for the exhibition that could be obtained.

It is interesting how some artists have managed to so distinguish themselves as to create a distinct branded personality. I wonder how much literature there is on the influence of particular artists on the culture of street art and on our broader society in general?

I found this, but no doubt there are books and more than a few Ph.D. thesis analyses which have established the careers of academics, who themselves spread "Le Rat's" influence further.

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