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Hi Nicolas,

I'm sorry so few people have commented on your work. I saw it back quite a while ago, but have been busy and doing my own experimenting if you wish. Then we had a couple heat waves, back to back and this week, it's fresh and cool but our town is hosting junior biking where they gather points to race in the Tour de France. So, I've been a mix of busy, and overheated.. LOL

I went to see your website today and had a good look around.

Your image made me think of dreamcatcher. This is a web built inside a circle and with little treasures attached and feathers dangling beneath. It is an object created by several different native americans that they would hang above their beds to capture good dreams for those lying beneath. They gave me this impression.

Let me say of the vernissage that although only about 100 people, it felt intimate and wonderful. People had place to move around and I liked that the images were not all in the same space. They were divided up in areas allowing people to move around and stop and experience the images. Because these are not images to depict something so people can guess what they are, but to experience what they make you feel.

The catalogue was also fabulous. The cover and the font and weight of that font used really shows fabulous taste but that didn't surprise me. Nothing you do is trivial or ugly... everything is always exquisite and beautiful as are these pieces.

I couldn't find their names but certain ones moved me a lot.

The light on #4, with creates warmth but also provides depth and a lot of sexiness.

#6, That deep line of red, like the last moment behind your eyelids just before you fall asleep.

#8 The red wavy line with a bit of golden glow on each side within all that black felt like the lip the top of some fantastic red wine. Full of romance and deliciousness.

#10, the undressing of a woman. Such intrigue, curiosity and very dark and seductive.

#12. On the lake, with the moon and the stars was a reminder how small we are on this enormous planet but especially small in this amazing universe

#21. The crucible that lets the light glow through it and it's simply sublime

#23. Light painted brush strokes on paper and then folded in a way to bring waves and emotion. Beautifully done.

This does not mean that the others were no good, of course they were, but the ones mentioned are those that affected me the most.

I can see why many didn't comment as there are so many men here and although they may feel things with these images, they may not all be used to allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to express how they made them feel. I'm sure many loved your work but saying so was intimidating for them.

All I can say is I'm a nobody, but a nobody that thinks she 's got good taste and loves beautiful things and I thought your work here and that of your son also, were exquisite and beautiful.

Much love,
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