Thread: "Exhibition" Pictures for Discussion and Questions Several of our pictures selected by Curator for "Our Daily Photograph"
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Although Cem and I are flattered by having our own work selected by the Duncan Miller Gallery for their own sales, it's really more important to us than that.

As all the pictures were part of a "self" and then a common external selection process, the standards of all our pictures were pretty close. Taking two of OPF collection of photographs therefore, reflects on the quality and appeal of all our work. This is encouraging to me personally as it vindicates my own judgement that we were indeed ready put our work up for the public to consider too.

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Our purpose is getting to an impressive photograph. So we encourage browsing and then feedback. Consider a link to your galleries annotated, C&C welcomed. Images posted within OPF are assumed to be for Comment & Critique, unless otherwise designated.
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