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Originally Posted by Dr Klaus Schmitt View Post

Meyer Kinon 75mm projection lens from 1904 (!!)
For many millenia, it was a challenge for painters to get such rich reds. We always knew that nature possessed such pigments but only in the Conquistador colonization of South America did such colors become available for painters. This one color far surpassed the wealth Spain accrued from plundered gold.

It came from a lonely beetle that the native South Americans had selectively bred and cultured and processed with dung and more in secret fermentation recipes!

...and today, we take it for granted that we can enjoy this same color with no effort or great expense either as your transient flower, you photograph or by visiting any museum of art!

But actually, this color red is the equivalent, in esthetics, of harnessing steam power in industry!

Such red, before photography was the stuff of Roses in Royal Gardens and prince’s palaces.

I think all this when I look at your beautiful red flower!

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