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Default Gentle white Border

This is the heart of one of the best wine regions in the world; the town center and the monolithic church of Saint-Émilion. It is also a World Heritage Site.

Cem Usakligil: Roof tiles, Saint-Émilion, France

Thanks for looking.


Here, Cem has separated his image from the light blue of the b.g. Nicolas claris gave us for this wonderful OPF forum design. We do have an alternative "Look" one can choose, but that is not on a per image b.g. basis.

so for this forum, Cem chose here to use just a white zone. His actual printed prints I beleive get white matts.

This white separaton zone is not really bold enough to be a classical matt but it does do the job of isolating a soft image on the pastel b.g.

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