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Default Nicolas Claris - Bangladesh! series

The aim of Watever is to assist those who live on the stark shores of oceans and rivers, devoid of arable land and bereft of other resources. Watever attacks these deficiencies though of*low technology and locally exploitable «Floating Solutions».
Marc Van Peteghem

When we proposed our collaboration to Marc Van Peteghem we had no special knowledge of Bangladesh. We wanted to approach the subject without moaning nor voyeurism, but show the beauty and pride of the Bengalis and their country - «Try to get close, bring our vision, from earthlings to earthlings»!»
Our aim was not to describe, once more the program of Watever or explain the need for us to be in Bangladesh, as the people’s plight, calls us!
We just felt the need to bring to our our society the reality of the need and the value of Watever self-embedding within the communities that can benefit from sustainable approaches to local resource development. With the sale of prints and film, we can help folk contribute to Watever to continue their selfless*and effective work.*

Our «BANGLADESH!» exhibit uses the essences of both photography and video. Reinforced thus, we can, perhaps, re-experience emotions of the individual Bangladeshis, suddenly released from dependence and despair. If you can feel such joy we’ve done our job!
If your fall in love with a print, you can help sustain these good deeds.

Romain and Nicolas Claris, April 2013
A fully contributory work, all benefits go to the Watever NGO.

The creation of these images was made thanks to the support of Pentax Ricoh.
These photographs were performed with Pentax lens and 645D medium format cameras.
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.
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