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Originally Posted by Alain Briot View Post
A nice serene scene.

If you reset the Black Point in Photoshop from 0 to 23 you get a nice contrast. The white point is fine although some areas are clipped. As it is shown here the look is a little soft for my taste.
Alain, you raise an important consideration.

The Cane Chairs picture on my computer screen looks just like the photograph itself held up next to the screen in the "normal" roomlight of my workshop. The fate of this photograph is to be framed under glass in a viewing area where the ambient light level is only about 160 lux. When it is displayed under those subdued conditions it offers an visual impression very similar to your modified screen image. It seems we think to the same end point but along very different paths.

There is an inherent challenge in showing images of reflective media like photographs for display via self-luminous media like LCD computer monitors. The self-luminous medium is inherently more "brilliant" and largely independent of ambient lighting. For the record Cane Chairs also exists as a series of three unsigned and untitled fine proofs each with increasingly dark shadows. The darkest of them when viewed under 800 lux (lovely bright light) again bears a good resemblance to your more contrasty version. I guess the definitive version is the one that goes off to the framers first. Or is it?
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