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I just finished developing a roll of 35mm (Ilford Delta 100) in the kitchen sink, and wanted to share a couple of the images in this ailing thread :-)

Zig Zag

(Leica M3, Summilux 50mm, Ilford Delta 100)

CEO and intern

(Leica M3, Summilux 50mm, Ilford Delta 100)

Brunch at JB's

(Leica M3, Summilux 50mm, Ilford Delta 100)

Cat and lemon trees

(Leica M3, Summilux 50mm, Ilford Delta 100)

Assertive bather

(Leica M3, Summilux 50mm, Ilford Delta 100)

I had never realised that Ilford Delta 100 was quite this wonderful and delicate (developed in D-76 diluted 1+1). This film can honestly probably replace Pan F for me, it's so close in character, but with a handy stop or two more sensitivity.

The dynamic range is stunning - i had to compress the tone curves in these images quite a bit to make them punchy, and it's very forgiving of over-exposure (I often overexposed these images a couple of stops, in order to use f/1.4 but with a top shutter speed of 1/1000s - which is probably closer to 1/750s on my 60-year-old Leica M3.)

I can't wait to try this out in medium format, to see how it compares to Pan F, and of course to make some really big prints of some of these.

The detail captured by the Leica lens on the negatives is quite astounding: In the final image above, the very fine texture of the bathing suit material is perfectly captured in the negative, but my mediocre scanner - at 3200 DPI - does not reproduce even a hint of this. I have no doubts my EL-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 will do better in the darkroom, as soon as I have access to one again.

Who else here is still enjoying film? From what I see in the negatives, I have to say that - for reasonable print sizes - an M3 with Delta 100 will challenge most digital contenders. It's wonderful how black and white film does not suffer visibly from any of the nasty light falloff that a digital Leica does (in the one image above, I added in some vignetting).
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