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Hi Doug and others
Just FYI, in such case, I copy paste the URL in Google Chrome browser, it doesn't translate any better translation than Google translate, but you can use the site ann and click on links, translating the targeted pages…
I'm not a fan of Chrome, but this is sometimes quite handy!

BTW Doug, have you received your new monitor?

Kind regards and kudos to Portugal (soccer thing)

Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
Hi, Michael,

Thank you for the link to that excellent site.

Mein Deutsch is so feeble that I had to rely on Google Translate to address it seriously.

I am just now starting to use the parametric search. Having already ordered a monitor, I first considered the site's review of it, which was very thorough and detailed. I would say it was "comforting".

The reviewer commented (as did many other reviewers) on the differences between this machine (the Asus PA248Q) and its immediate predecessor, the PA 146Q, a well-thought-of machine. The major differences seem to be:

• The older PA246Q has a cold-cathode fluorescent backlight system (as for the machine I am replacing); the newer PA248Q has an LED backlight system.

• The chromaticity gamut of the older PA246Q is somewhat beyond that of sRGB (98% of Adobe RGB); for the newer PS248Q, the gamut is essentially limited to that of sRGB.

• The color panel of the newer PA248Q has a lesser bit depth than the older PA246Q (8 bits vs 10 bits)

• The look-up table (LUT) on the newer PS248Q has a lesser bit depth than the LUT on the older PA246Q.

The descriptions on the B&H site (probably provided by the manufacturer), comparing the two machines, says:
The PA246Q is for professionals looking for a wider color gamut.
At this time, the PA246Q is discontinued. B&H indicates that its successor is the PA249Q (USD 479.00).

I any case, we will next we will see how the PA248Q does here.

Again, thanks for the link to that really good review site.

Best regards,

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