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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Thanks for the visit. I like this too!

How it works as a sculpture: The curves work in a special way that's totally different from appreciating a photograph or a sculpture of a war hero or great leader. With solid works of art, the composition is inherent in the object itself.

With this open tubular steel, however, the landscape, trees and sky all get broken to sections as parts occupy a temporary and constantly changing "window" through the parts that are currently forming a frame for what is behind it. Also, objects at further distances away move at correspondingly greater speed. So everything in the scene now contributes to the dimensional "reach" of the sculpture, far beyond it's physical size. In fact, the further away, the more the sculpture will appear to effect the surrounding structures!

The unique feature of this form or work is that it is very sensitive to the observer's position and so it gets to have a changing personality as we rotate around it. The challenge now is to wait to be selected. One's work has to be chosen by folk! Hopefully, these two offerings, "The Conversation" and "The journey" will meet and surpass the planners' dreams and expectations. Building and assembly is just organization, work and great attention to detail and safety!

Hello Asher

These are both intriguing! Would be nice to view them at such a grand scale ! What I don't understand is how one could expect to have these selected without a detailed proposal. I can't image city planers selecting anything based on a couple of images? What am I missing or does the city have an unlimited spending amount for art? How does the process work? I already have a detailed plan on how to steal it and a budget with a 20% contingency for unseen circumstances, if the project was completed. LOL

Best, regards
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