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Hi, Klaus,
Originally Posted by Dr Klaus Schmitt View Post
Ehemm Doug, sorry, but at 1:1 the object size is identical to the size on the sensor, i.e. a 1mm object will be exactly 1mm on the sensor.. . .
Quite so.

It has nothing to do with sensor size nor field size . . .
Quite so.

. . .it is a parameter of the lens only.
Quite so.

Now, all that having been said, if we are operating at a magnification of 1:1, and our frame size is 36 mm 24 mm, then the size of the object field (at the object distance for which the magnification is 1:1, at which distance we presumably are focused) will be 36 mm 24 mm, for the very reasons you cite. If our frame size is 11 in. 14 in., then the size of the object field is 11 in. 14 in.

And my point is that if macrophotography is to be thought of as the photography of small (but not microscopic) objects, I don't consider an object that occupies most of an 11 in. 14 in. region "small".

Best regards,

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