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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
I'm still not convinced, Asher. Objects made exclusively for their utility was the credo of the Bauhaus school, yet their works are generally considered to be "art".
Bauhaus was practical movement for using modern materials and creation techniques for architecture, printing and more. Some were indeed just utilitarian whiles others were no doubt art from the outset. Bauhaus certainly used esthetics in its approaches. Some bauhaus buildings are indeed intended as works of art. ...... but not all. Collecting examples of such works often is done to document important movements as in saving antique furniture of Louis XIV period, or ancient printing presses. They are collected as they are rare and important to the collective memories of our culture, primarily, and not for their artistic value. They are collected in museums and one can muse on them, but they are not art merely for that unique fact of inclusion.

Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
Conversely, when people take pictures of their young children, they use that medium as a vessel for their emotions, yet most of these pictures would be refused by a museum and mocked by critics.
Not so, Jerome,

Family mementos do not infringe my concept of exporting ideas to a physical form for the purpose of creating experience in vistors and recruiting attention so as to be accepted as Art. Mementos for family reflection do of course contain emotions, but are not designed to elicit such feelings for society at large and there's no attempt or intention to bring the pictures to the public arena to compete for a place as art. So mementos, like crime pictures and insurance photographs, are not born as Art although any modern day Duchamp could dissolve previous meaning and attempt to repurpose them as such, LOL

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