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While folks are trying to meet and engineering definition of "fassiture", let me disclose that the largest cut of the pie of spending by the wealthy is for fine art, above private aircraft. If one does express one's ideas in art and is ambitious, there's a lot of money available for your work. Is it hard to get "in" to the very top rung of "Artists", yes, but not greater then getting a position at Harvard, Yale or Princeton. One just has to be talented, labor hard and be exceptional in talent and good luck. Just recently a street artist from Los Angeles entered that select group and he's now selling each painting for a princely sum. Large photographs fit well in large homes and prestigious buildings.

There are many people, not wealthy, but comfortable, that want to beautify their walls ans so the demand for such photography has increased. That art is purchased from an Art Gallery. This and the more choice photographic works in museums are the "Fine Art" I refer to.

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