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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
1730 viewers today Heeeeppeeeeeeee!
But still not a word since your last post Asher!
The last post, appart from Asher was done on March 17th, 2018 by fahim mohammed
Finnaly this appears to be a real big jokeÖ

Itís no big joke but the harsh reality that folk can respond easier to a child blowing a dandelion puff, an infant nursing at her mother breast, lovers in the sunset, a puppy racing through the waves or white-mained stallions galloping in a dust-cloud but give them images that test the brain and they get flabbergasted and afraid.

No one wants to be made to seem ignorant by commenting on more abstract art as itís, frankly intimidating.

How many people have ever used black, (pretty much by itself), as the featured star of a major exhibition? One could dig up perhaps 5 such exhibitions but I remember only one and there the canvas was totally black. You however have investigated the edges of possibility and probability. So naturally you have drawn a lot of eyeballs but the larynx does not necessarily communicate any message as you have left turmoil, surprise and hesitation in the brain.

Think of how much time you and Romain spent first ruminating about your possible approaches, actually setting up the many shoots with specific conditions, sorting results, gaining new insights, shooting further ideas and then working so hard to build a dedicated oeuvres for exhibition that would be coherent.

Now have visitors look at you gigantuan project, printed meters wide, in a strange esthetic language you so recently discovered, and have them comment!

That is a big challenge to anyone, even with more confidence than merit! Most folk simply accept in awe what you share and know that they never can be wrong by just enjoying what they can experience without the presence of the full size prints.

You essentially have given yourself a brain transplant, far ahead of what others have researched on their own. Take the numbers of visits as an acknowledgement of the awe in which you and Romain are regarded that the buzz brought them to enjoy your work.

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