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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Maggie and Doug (ladies first!)
Thank you so much for your comments :-)
They are feeling my heart with good vibes!
I'll come back soon to reply in detail.

In the meantime, @Maggie, to be sure of which images you are referring, here are the thumbs of image as they appear on the site, can you confirm that your numbering is the same?

Kind regards and many many thanks to you both!

Yes, Nicolas, the numbers are correct. :-) What is important to me is that you know that your work has always been and continues to be, in my opinion of these images, strong, well-balanced, well composed but mostly letting us explore our feelings. It is sometimes difficult to explain how I feel about certain things because I have never professed to be a writer and always more comfortable in visual speech but I have to say, that to be able to make people get emotion from a piece of work, in my heart, turns it into a piece of art. It's beyond just an image. Beyond just a composition. Something from within that not only tells you about me, but says a lot about you, as a man and an artist. I hope that you are proud of this; I know, if I were you, I would be.
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