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Hi, Michael,
Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post

have a look at Use the parametric search to narrow down your choice.
Thank you for the link to that excellent site.

Mein Deutsch is so feeble that I had to rely on Google Translate to address it seriously.

I am just now starting to use the parametric search. Having already ordered a monitor, I first considered the site's review of it, which was very thorough and detailed. I would say it was "comforting".

The reviewer commented (as did many other reviewers) on the differences between this machine (the Asus PA248Q) and its immediate predecessor, the PA 146Q, a well-thought-of machine. The major differences seem to be:

The older PA246Q has a cold-cathode fluorescent backlight system (as for the machine I am replacing); the newer PA248Q has an LED backlight system.

The chromaticity gamut of the older PA246Q is somewhat beyond that of sRGB (98% of Adobe RGB); for the newer PS248Q, the gamut is essentially limited to that of sRGB.

The color panel of the newer PA248Q has a lesser bit depth than the older PA246Q (8 bits vs 10 bits)

The look-up table (LUT) on the newer PS248Q has a lesser bit depth than the LUT on the older PA246Q.

The descriptions on the B&H site (probably provided by the manufacturer), comparing the two machines, says:
The PA246Q is for professionals looking for a wider color gamut.
At this time, the PA246Q is discontinued. B&H indicates that its successor is the PA249Q (USD 479.00).

I any case, we will next we will see how the PA248Q does here.

Again, thanks for the link to that really good review site.

Best regards,

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