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Hi Asher

well the TSE is kinda MF-lens, so unshiftet, you use the sweet spot only. Must be very good, that's rarely been a problem of a shift lens.

It's the amount of shift with good quality which finally makes a shift lens good or bad.

Using it for people: that lens is not done for fast shooting; it's manual focus and when you shift, exposure will probably be indicated wrongly. With its f = 3.5 wide open, I would think twice before using it for your purpose; it's not made for that, IMO.

Are you - apart from the distortions fine with the 24 1.4?
You could use software to ge rid of that distortion.

I never had one, but the first version was a duck lame, terrible CA and soft when shiftet; well that's what I heard and saw on some samples. The version 2 has a 9 mm larger image circle, that's quite much - and should help a lot in improving quality. The border of the image circle alwith bite - even with a 4/5'!

I' ve the Schneider PC-28 (same as Leica 28) and the zuiko 35 shift, but don't se them a lot.
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