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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
What a simple but clever addition to the rail! I hope one can order them separately! That certainly would save time looking at the scale as shift can be achieved by touch and feel!
Yes, there are sold (at the huge price of US$ 15 each, or US$ 25 per pair) separately.

Not having to look at the exact shift saves a lot of time (can help with clouds racing across the sky). It doesn't beat shifting the camera body alone, because the lens needs to be shifted as well, but one could settle for the maximum amount there as well, and crop later.

The RRS system is expensive, but one does buy into a system. That means that parts can be repurposed depending on the configuration one assembles (many parts come with hex screw tools for user re-assembly if needed). Even the Ballheads can be ordered without a clamp, so one can combine them with e.g. a full pano package with it's rotating leveling clamp (PCL-1) or a quick release clamp.

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