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Since I last wrote on this topic, our collection of vintage Kodak motion picture cameras has expanded, and with it my understanding and appreciation of this marvelous parade of cinematographic tools.

Here are some of the more-newly-acquired specimens that are particularly special (to make a bad pun in the case of two of them).

This is a Ciné-Kodak Special, made in 1933.

This is a high-performance sophisticated (and complicated) 16-mm professional camera, introduced in 1933. For many years, this camera (and its second-generation successor) were a favorite for industrial films, educational films, and quite a few "indie" (and some not-so-"indie") feature films.

This is one of the earliest of this particular model in circulation, serial number 330. (There were many notable design changes made to that model shortly after this one's time.)

In 1948, Kodak introduced the second-generation version of this camera, the Ciné-Kodak Special II. Here we see ours. made in fact in 1948.

The big change from the first-generation version was that the turret now had angled faces so that the two lenses could stay out of each other's way, physically and optically. The lens mount was also changed from a very specialized one to the "Type S" mount, which Kodak had adopted as a standard mount for their wide range of 8- and 16-mm ciné lenses. (Ironically, this was the only Kodak camera to itself have that mount - all others used the Type S lenses through a nightmarish stable of adapters.)

This very specimen was originally owned by Charles T. Chapman (1891 1949), a noted newsreel photographer and later producer and cinematographer of documentary and promotional films.

Another favorite is our 1956 Ciné-Kodak K-100, a semi-professional 16-mm camera.

This was essentially the last of the serious cameras to carry the "Ciné-Kodak" marque. We bought it from the daughter of the original owner, who got it in 1957 to photograph her when she was first born.

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