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Hi, Asher,

Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post

It's so fascinating that the entire span of history of this great invention spans such a short time. By contrast, our original systems of tooling flints lasted hundreds of thousands of years of stable technology!
Yes it is. If we speak of motion picture film photography "as available to the average citizen", then that era only began in the US in 1923, less than 100 years ago. And Eastman Kodak, who brought that about, with regard to the 16-mm branch was no longer making cameras after about 1973, an era only 50 years long.

There are other technologies whose use by the general public came and went in what seems to me to be a really short time. Of course, owing to the logarithmic nature of human time perception, what seems like a short time to me would have seemed like an eternity to me when I was. for example. six years old.

I think of the use of facsimile transmission over the telephone network for the average civilian.

Or even the use of CFL's to replace incandescent lamps in home lighting, now essentially superseded in turn by LED lamps. We were just finishing our conversion to CFLs when it became apparent that we should be veering toward LED lamps.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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