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Originally Posted by Murray Foote View Post
I like the second one especially.

The figures semi-sillouetted in the ancient doorway. The interplay between the old and the new. ... And then I start to wonder what is in the shops across the way....

Whether that has anything to do with film as a medium or the different contemplative process of taking an image, I have no idea.
Thanks Murray, I like that one among others for the reasons you have stated. It is funny really, because I also have a version without people in it. I have shown both versions to my wife and daughter (who are my best advisers) and they chose the one without people in it. To them, the people were a distraction. In this instance I have disagreed with them (which does not happen often, lol). I really like how the women form two major attention points in the picture, helping our eye make the transition from the foreground to the background. The body positions and gestures are just perfect for that. I think that they definitely add value to the picture.
Kind Regards, Cem

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