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Now to the man on the sidewalk. This Cem, has a lot of potential. It just needs work.

The picture is just a skeleton for you to flesh out. What's needed, IMHO, is the investment of effort to design ranking of the elements of the picture. Everything is lit equally well all the way to the periphery. What special attention have you given to the man and then to the table? Compare this to the effort you invest in multishot digital pictures that go through SNS-HDR and perhaps even stitching!

I cannot believe this presentation has, as yet, been done justice to your photograph. There's a lot more to do. Probably it needed more contrast development of the print and some dodging and burning. However, given that you are a wizard in Photoshop, this picture still has a good future for itself, for you and hopefully for us too.

I appreciate so much what you have shown and hope you don't mind my dissection of your work. I believe the working with digital and with film provides synergy. All our work benefits. Certainly I get a lot out if studying where your pictures work and why.

Originally Posted by Cem_Usakligil View Post
..............I will shoot the other 2 rolls first before coming to a conclusion........................
Well get some more through your camera! :) I can't wait!!

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