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Quite frankly, it would be a miracle if the NEX-7, focal reducer, Canon 50mm f/1.2 combination would give satisfactory results. You are combining an extremely fast lens, a focal reducer fraught with optical problems and one of the most finicky sensors available. This is not going to work.

Besides, the NEX-7 is small and well built, but the viewfinder is not as fine as a ground glass by a large margin, noisy when it's dark, difficult to see with glasses when the sun shines, and with approximative colours and contrast. The user interface is different to anything sensible, the sensor is noisy at high isos and very sensitive to angled rays (meaning very finicky with wide angle lenses, color shifts, extra vignetting, etc...). AF is so slow as to be unusable with Sony lenses and the old adapter (the one using contrast detection) and this is not going to be better with Canon lenses on the Metabone adapter. Peaking may be used, but is not very precise and, in my view, distracting.

This being said, the NEX-7 is small and light. Less so with a 50mm f/1.2 on it, BTW.
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